Koi Fish "Magic" Coffee Mug / Tea Cup

This unique coffee mug or tea cup has nine Koi fish on it. It's a dark color when cool, pour a warm drink into it and watch the "magic" happen! When the ceramic mug warms the dark color fades away to reveal 9 "lucky" Koi fish! Some of the koi you see only the tops or bottom parts of them. When the Koi start to appear on the mug they look like they are coming to surface of the water. Nine Koi is a "good luck" number, one Koi is a gold color (lucky for money) another Koi is silver (lucky for business). Here's the luckiest mug you can get! This 11 oz mug will last for years to enjoy as long as it's "Hand Washed Only..NO Dishwasher". Cup has a white strip by handle when warm, returns to dark color when cool.

Enjoy with any warm drink, coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.

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